3D Model

Aben Tech offers 3D model customized service, every model is developed following standards that ensure maximal fidelity, functionality, efficiency and compatibility in every product.

Multiple Level of Detail

Developed for high-end simulation and gaming platforms, ABen Tech’s 3D models support an optimal balance between texture resolution, level of detail (LOD), and triangle count, resulting in unsurpassed quality and performance. Every model is available with multiple levels of detail, making the higher-end perfect and the lower-end ideal. ABen Tech ensures smooth transitions and preserves model recognition through key compnents between the various levels of detail while maintaining a 50% reduction in detail per LOD. No matter what the capabilities of the system or target platform, every 3D model has the option to be reconfigured and adjusted ensuring a customizable and cost-effective solution for your business.


All of ABen Tech’s 3D models using accurate and detailed data to achieve high fidelity visual effects. Providing models with multiple level of detail and customized texture resolution, in order to achieve a best balance in both visual effects and running performance.



Adding to the realism and enhancing the experience, ABen Tech’s 3D models support a variety of damage states which include mobility kill, firepower kill, and catastrophic kill. These states not only comprise of the usual darkened textures to simulate damage, but actually include a complete remodeling of key sections of the 3D model resulting in a very accurate damage depiction.


Except the basic function and appearance of the 3D models, we also offer customized model setting, such as FID, SMC, Animation, Switch, Degrees of freedom and Light point.